First commercially licensed dolphin swim in NSW

February 7th, 2010

Aquatic Marine Viewing Experience
” A breakthrough in Dolphin / Human interaction”

We did it!!!!

We are proud to announce that over six years of development and three years since the first application was lodged, Dolphin Swim Australia P/L, Imagine Cruises Port Stephens and DolphCom Solutions (yours truly) have succeeded :)

On the 11.01.10 Dolphin Swim Australia P/L was granted the first commercial license to swim with dolphins EVER issued in the state of New South Wales…. How cool is that?

The Aquatic Marine Viewing Experience (AMVE) is a breakthrough in dolphin / human interaction. Using specific approach techniques and relying on the dolphins amazing intelligence and inherent interest in the human animal, we now are able to share with YOU an open water, in-water dolphin experience daily (on demand), right here in the Blue Water Wonderland of Port Stephens marine park NSW Australia.

Be the first to join us on our special series of trials.

Become a dolphin researcher for the day, as we commence the most comprehensive migratory and distribution study of the “common” dolphin ever held and begin to understand the wonderful Dephinus delphi (the common dolphin).

Learn and understand more about these amazing beings (the dolphins) and their environment.

Here’s your chance to be involved!

Participate in one of three open water trials at a special discounted rate.

Trial One: Saturday – 27th February 2010

Trial Two: Saturday – 6th March 2010

Trial Two: Sunday – 7th March 2010

  • Maximum 20 swimmers 22 observers per program
  • Program commences 7.30am -12pm each trial day
  • Includes: Wetsuit (compulsory), mask and fins (supplied & fitted by Pro-Dive Nelson Bay.
  • Arrive Nelson Bay and get fitted for equipment 7:15am
  • Embark Imagine Dock C d’Albora Marina for groups and briefing 7:45am
  • Depart for the blue water wonderland and a whole lot of fun and adventure 8:00am
  • Over four hours of quality experience, superb training and invaluable information

The only licensed dolphin swim in NSW AMVE program value:

  • $229 per swimmer (minimum age 12years) waiver and booking form required. Includes equipment hire and GST
  • Observer $60 Includes GST
  • Special Trial Rate: $169 per person swimmers
  • $30 Observers
  • This rate is only available for 27th February, 6th & 7th March full rates apply after the trial period

Book Now with Andrew 0438444500
Or Imagine Cruises (Rick) 0249849000 please quote this newsletter for special rates.
You will be able to book on-line at the DolphCom website by 12th February until then please call.

Summer / Autumn Seaon Calendar

Saturday 27th Trial One (Andrew’s birthday swim)

Saturday 6th Trial Two
Sunday 7th Trial Three Special rate ends today
Saturday 13th
Sunday 14th
Saturday 20th
Saturday 27th
Sunday 28th

Saturday 3rd
Sunday 4th
Saturday 10th
Sunday 11th
Saturday 17th
Sunday 18th
Saturday 24th
Sunday 25th

May (Whale Season commences)
Saturday 15th
Sunday 16th
Saturday 22nd
Sunday 23rd
Saturday 29th
Sunday 30th

Rest of season and Winter swims mid-week on demand schedule TBA

  • All previous swim participants (2008-09) who have been offered another swim or may be holding a certificate / voucher from last season, this is your chance to come again over these three trials at no cost. these vouchers / certificates or agreements will become invalid after the trial period! This statement is published on the terms and conditions
  • NB This is a new venture / new company! After the trial period has ended Dolphin Swim Australia P/L will not be obliged to honour these outstanding vouchers. If in doubt call now 0438444500 and speak with Andrew.

Denmarks Faroe Islanders dolphin Hunt


I’m about to share the reply to a letter I received about the barbaric dolphin hunt that a remote island people take part in.

The email has been ‘doing the rounds’ for years now and made quite a few trips round the world I’m sure. Most of the emails I received asked “what can we do about this atrocity”? This prompted me to seek my own clarity on this situation, it has been requested that I share it with you publicly and I invite your comments. I wrote the letter to a friend called Treacy, here it is in it’s entirety. Please note I have not included any of the pictures of this event.

HI Treacy,

This is a particularly bloody ritual in the Faroe Islands off Denmark.

The Faroe islanders have been rounding up and slaughtering dolphins and small whales for hundreds of years. I always wonder what type of ‘pressure’ put in place by outsiders actually works when people (locals) feel it is their ‘right’ or cultural heritage to do something.

I mean, that at least I try to understand another’s point of view. I’m not sure what to do here, these islands are remote and fairly inaccessible. The meat (though I am sure it is laden with mercury and PCB’s) forms a staple part of their diet, the oil is a valuable commodity. (Remember that oil was the driving force behind all shore and ship based whaling).

Even for Australian’s ( I assume you’re Australian) to stand up and condemn others for whaling is barely past the hypocritical stage. We hunted the Humpback, Southern Right, Blue, Fin and others to the very brink of extinction and only stopped (because there were none left) in the late 70′s. Not that long ago really!

So what do we do now? Now that we created this mess? Do we pick on a handful of islanders for their ignorance? Can we ask ourselves the truly hard questions? Are we ready to face the truth? Do you eat Tuna Treacy? I do and so do millions of others. We are decimating our fish stocks, with entire stocks of many species on the verge of collapse.

Do you use the toilet? I do! All our waste (in Australia) is still barely treated with billions of litres of water (in the driest continent on Earth) and pumped into the ocean. A wonderful and rich resource lost forever…

Do you drink from plastic bottles? I do! Every square kilometer of ocean has thousands of pieces of plastic in it. It is the new element, as it breaks down it becomes smaller and smaller though never changes into another element. It enters the food chain, it litters our beaches, it kills wildlife from the biggest whales to the smallest organisms.

Do you buy fruit and vegetables? I do! By the time our food gets to us there are about 10,000 chemicals that have been involved in the growth, manufacture and distribution of our foods. Each of these chemicals get into the food chain, many into our rivers and oceans with catastrophic results.

Fighting each other doesn’t work. At least I can’t see an example of where fighting or war has changed a thing yet. So why do we want to boycott, or fight or segregate a culture for their practices when each culture looks at the other with contempt and hypocrisy? Are we the example for the world? Do we want that amount of pressure on ourselves? Could we withstand the scrutiny that would follow?

Change begins with myself! When I change what I do, what I think, what I say and how I say it. When I come from love, not fear then I see my world change. What can I do about the things that matter? I only can change me! The question is what do I want? Really, what do I want to put time effort and energy into? What can I sustain? What would love do now?

Many blessings

Andrew Parker


This story is by Andrew

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2 Responses to “First commercially licensed dolphin swim in NSW”

  1. Stewart Says:

    Hi there Brother

    thankyou for a very reflective perspective on yet another activity undertaken by humans that posses the question – is it sustainable – how does it affect the planet.

    i think we all know the answer to these questions.

    The question i have been asking myself in recent times and whihc could be asked in circumstance such as these is – do we/you really need it? and i mean REALLY NEED it.

    as with so many things i think we could manage to exist without we have just become accustomed to having and using whatever we WANT – not need.

    so i ask all to reflect on their NEEDS not wants in 2010.

    have a great day brothers and sitesrs above and below.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Great comment Stew!

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